Thread vein removal with Sclerotherapy in Leamington Spa

Sclerotherapy for Vein Removal at Leamington Spa Facial Aesthetics

Sclerotherapy is a safe, well established medical treatment for removal of larger thread veins on the legs. Although other treatments are available, Sclerotherapy remains the most successful of all.

How does Sclerotherapy remove veins?

Sclerotherapy removes veins by destroying the blood vessel wall. A liquid solution is injected with a very fine needle, very superficially into the veins, causing the lining of the vein to swell and become sticky. Over a period of time, the vein will then close and fade.

How long does it take for the veins to disappear?

The process may take several weeks and it's quite normal for veins to look a little worse before they improve after treatment.

Sclerotherapy has proved to be an effective treatment for most clients at our Leamington Spa clinic, however results achieved after one session vary considerable from one person to another depending on the size of veins being treated.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatment may need to be repeated, and if so further sessions will be planned with intervals of 4 to 16 weeks, an improvement in appearance of between 60% to 80% can then be expected.

Treatment Price

A consultation must be carried out before treatment can be given.

First treatment – £250