Medical micro needling Derma Rollering Leamington Spa

Medical Micro-needling in Leamington Spa

Also known as Dermal Rollering or Dermarollering.

What is Medical Micro-needling?

It's a medical technique to puncture the dermis of the skin to create new skin regeneration leaving the outer layer of skin intact. A roller with titanium gold plated needles is used over the skin following lots of topical anaesthetic cream.

Since we began performing this treatment for clients in 2010 we’ve found the results have been outstanding for all of the skin conditions described below. It is best compared with laser skin resurfacing or to chemical peels. Both of those treatments give a down time of up to 10 days. Our experience of medical micro-needling is that most people are healed within 2 days of treatment if they follow the advice we give and apply the serum until full healing has resumed.

We have kept the prices as low as when we started and all staff here are trained in the procedure.

What is it good for?

Almost all skin conditions…
Open pores & congested skin
Scarring from acne and chicken pox
Eliminating fine lines & wrinkles even in difficult areas, e.g. the mouth

How painful is Derma Rollering and what is the downtime?

It is quite painful hence the liberal application of anaesthetic cream. The forehead is the most painful part of the face and the chunkier parts of the cheeks and chin less so. You will look like you've had sunburn for up to 48 hours after treatment. Good healing skin will promote new growth in no time at all. You will not need time off work but will need to have this procedure done ahead of a special occasion.

Why are we offering it at Leamington Facial Aesthetics?
The clinical evidence for the effectiveness of Medical Micro-needling is outstanding even when patients have quite deep scarring. We were considering purchasing a CO2 laser for scarring in particular, but in the end, having been so impressed with the results, we opted for micro needling instead. In addition to the superb results, the cost is lower and the downtime minimal.

How long does a Micro Needling treatment last?

Most treatments take no longer than an hour at most.

Treatment Price

Full Face from £225