Can Botox to treat headaches and migraine? Leamington Spa Facial Aesthetics

Using Botox® to reduce headaches and Migraine in Leamington Spa

While Botox® (Botulinum Toxin) is more commonly known for its use as an anti-wrinkle treatment it does have a wealth of other clinical uses, both cosmetic and functional. Here you can read about my experience using it at my Leamington Spa and Oxfordshire based clinics as an effective treatment to reduce the pain and frequency of headaches and migraine.

Botox for headache pain relief at Leamington Facial Aesthetics

Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) is now an approved treatment for the prevention of headaches in Chronic Migraine patients; however, it can of course be used as an effective preventative treatment for less frequent migraines, and depending on the origin of the pain, less severe types of headache too.

"Over the years, a large number of my clients who had initially received Botox for cosmetic reasons alone began reporting back that they had noticed a major reduction in headaches and migraine pain, and in many cases the headaches had all but disappeared. For me, these reports began many years ago, long before Botox was officially approved as a treatment for Chronic Migraine."

How does Botox work to reduce headache pain and frequency?

"While there are many theories, we still don't know exactly how Botox works to reduce headaches, but in a significant number of cases it certainly does, and the relief my clients reported back then, and still do to this day continue to serve as ongoing proof of its effectiveness in this area; therefore it came as no surprise when, as of June 2012 after clinical trials, Botox was officially approved by NICE in the UK as a preventative treatment to reduce headaches in Chronic Migraine sufferers."

So is Botox an effective treatment for all types of headache?

"In addition to Migraine headaches, Botox certainly can reduce the pain and frequency of other types too; however, it's not effective for every type, and despite being approved, it's still not effective for all types of migraine either. It really does depend on where the pain originates as to how suitable you will be for treatment; however, from my extensive experience treating clients at both my Oxford and Leamington clinics I've found it works exceptionally well for most."

Can Botox reduce wrinkles and headaches in one treatment?

"The recommended injection sites approved for "chronic migraine" relief do differ to those used for cosmetic purposes, and it depends on the type of migraine and where the pain originates as to where a patient who requires Botox for this purpose should be injected; however, as some of the areas are very similar to those used for cosmetic purposes it's never a surprise for me to hear a clients headaches have eased after a just a cosmetic treatment alone, particularly when treated around the brow and forehead areas. So yes, it can be possible to treat both at once."

How long will a Botox treatment for headaches last?

"It varies from person to person, but takes from 5 to 12 days for the Botox to reach full efficacy, from which point the headache pain relief itself will last from 3 to 4 months, sometimes longer."

"While Botox can certainly be a very welcome and much longer lasting preventative treatment to reduce headache pain and frequency than other medications, sadly it's not a 'permanent cure', so when the headaches return, you'll know it's time for another treatment.
" - Rosie

Who is Rosie Cooper?
Rosie Cooper is the owner of both Leamington Facial Aesthetics (formerly GLO Clinics) here in the heart of Leamington Spa and The Oxford Facial Aesthetics clinic in Oxfordshire. As a specialist in Botox and dermal fillers, Rosie has been helping clients prevent wrinkles and the signs of ageing with a wide range of clinical anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments in excess of 15 years, from when they first became available and began to gain popularity in the UK.

As a Registered Midwife and Advanced Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner with 3 masters level qualifications including Pharmacology and Musculo-skeletal medicine Rosie is recognised as one of the most highly qualified and experienced Botox practitioners in the UK, and as such has built an enviable reputation within the aesthetics industry and an impressive client list not only throughout Warwickshire, but country wide.

With that in mind you can relax in the knowledge that you're in a very safe pair of hands.

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BOTOX Treatments

Prior to prescribing a Botox treatment for headaches at our Leamington Spa clinic we will discuss your overall health and any allergies you may have to ensure suitability, followed by your expectations and the results you would like the achieve.


Prices for treating headaches vary depending on requirements and will be provided upon consultation.