Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Leamington Spa for facial rejuvenation (vampire facelift), sports injuries and joint repair, acne scar removal, dark circles under the eyes, eye hollows and more..

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) at Leamington Facial Aesthetics

Platelet Rich Plasma, often more commonly known by its acronym PRP, is a method of harvesting growth cells from your own blood plasma. The platelets containing the growth factors are then injected or topically applied back to specific areas of your body to promote healing and in turn aid repair of the skin and joints.

In the field of aesthetics, PRP therapy is especially useful for rejuvenating facial skin in a procedure often dubbed by the media as the "Vampire Facelift", it can also be an excellent choice to treat hollows & dark circles under the eyes.

So what's involved in a PRP treatment?

"I first take 20mls of blood in a syringe. This is then spun and separated leaving the platelet rich plasma at the top. The concentrated platelets are then either topically applied or injected into the area of concern." - Rosie

So what else can you tell me about PRP?

Fibroblasts & Cytokines are two very important growth factors naturally produced by the human body, however, sadly with age they deplete and their production slows down.

This should begin to explain the reason why older people often take longer to heal from injuries than children and younger adults. Children always seem to bounce back a lot faster than adults, this is partly because they produce an abundance of fibroblasts & cytokines - which are just a couple of the 37 growth products contained naturally in the body’s own blood plasma.

Essentially, a PRP treatment concentrates these, and other important growth factors, accelerating the body's repair process in the treated area.

So what do you use Platelet Rich Plasma for at the Leamington Spa clinic?

PRP has a wide range of uses, both functional and aesthetic, from anti-ageing & facial rejuvenation to joint repair following injury.

FOR AESTHETICS: Anti-ageing, Skin & Facial Rejuvenation (Vampire Facelift)
Facial skin can benefit greatly from a PRP treatment. Applying PRP to the face can improve firmness, elasticity, collagen structure and overall luminosity of the skin, and unlike some injectable treatments, because it's "autologous" (ie. a product of your own blood), it can also be used to treat hollows and dark circles that can appear around the delicate area of skin under the eyes as we age. In fact PRP is one of the safest treatments we can use to help rejuvenate the delicate skin in the tear trough area.

Platelet Rich Plasma is also a great treatment to soften and smooth skin on the neck - an area where Botox® can be very effective too.

FOR JOINT REPAIR & PAIN RELIEF: Sports Injuries & Arthritis
PRP can be used to reduce pain and aid the repair of damaged joints and tendons caused by sports injuries or other activities. It can also help reduce pain and slow degeneration in diseases such as Arthritis. Evidence shows that injecting platelets in to the joints provides cushioning (for rapid pain relief) and aids repair of the cartilage, bone and soft tissue. In some countries it is used as a first line defence to aid the repair of sports injuries - tennis star Rafael Nadal recently had his knee injury treated with PRP.

FOR SCAR REMOVAL & SKIN COMPLAINTS: Eczema, Dermatitis & Acne Scar Removal
Platelet Rich Plasma is an effective treatment to promote healing of acne scars and a range of skin complaints such as seborrheic dermatitis & eczema. PRP can also be sprayed topically onto ulcerated skin to facilitate cell re-generation & healing.

PRP Treatments

Save £135 on a course of 3 treatments - £1350

£495.00 per full treatment of one area.